Client Testimonials

Reasons For Working Out That Have Nothing To Do With How You Look: Stress Relief, Fewer Aches & Pains, Healthier Heart

I am so glad that I met Amy, an incredible Personal Trainer & the owner of B.Y.O.B. Fitness. It’s incredible how she has complete confidence in her client’s abilities & strength and just knows how to push you just that little bit further. Amy always emphasizes movement and proper technique. Every workout is completely different, challenging and fun.

I have been blown away by her knowledge, style of workouts but also by her kindness. It has been a while that I felt this confident in a gym environment. The progression I have made in just a few months is amazing. I am truly grateful for the confidence Amy has instilled in me.

Working out regularly & correctly is so much more than about how you look. For me, Stress Relief, Fewer Aches & Pains and a Healthier Heart are at the top of my list.
Do yourself and your health a favour and book a no charge intake session with Amy. You’ll be glad you did!

Ulli Robson

Safe With Ulli Inc.

I thought my workouts were intense enough… until I participated in one of Amy’s outdoor exercise classes.
Wow, was I wrong. Amy took us through a routine of functional strength exercises, effectively targeting all key muscle groups. She gave us variations so that everyone could work at their own current level of fitness. She also encouraged us to push ourselves to maximize our training effect.
All things I greatly appreciate as a fellow kinesiologist and former personal trainer.
So if you’re looking for a fun, yet challenging workout, with a very knowledgeable and well educated personal trainer, I’d highly recommend Amy Davidge of B.Y.O.B. Fitness.
She’ll get you in the best shape of your life!
Brent Haydey

Ideal Life Architect, Mentor & Coach, Entrepreneurial Freedom

Amy is the reason that I keep working out, she makes fantastic workouts that are challenging and fun, and without you even realizing it you become so much stronger, healthier and happier. Throughout the workouts she is always encouraging you and helping you through. In addition to creating great workouts, she is also amazingly kind, passionate, and truly cares about the people she is training. No matter what your goals, or motivations are for working out she can design a great program for you and you will enjoy your time with her! 

When I met Amy, I hadn’t done any exercise for a few months. Gyms and yoga studios were closed, and I couldn’t choose which exercise routine I should follow among tons of exercise videos.
With Amy, I started online group exercise twice a week. She makes exercising fun. She is great to chat with. She is not pushy like some trainers, but encouraging. Now I participate three times a week in group exercise both online and in person. Once I pushed too hard and couldn’t stand up for about an hour after our exercise – Amy kindly sat next to me until I felt strong enough to stand up and go home. I felt quite safe.
Now gyms are open. But I needed some guidance because I get bored with same exercise quite quickly. Amy has a solution for that. She can program different exercises for three times a week workout. I feel confident with her choice of exercise because I have been working out with her for a few months already. It is so much better than looking for a generic exercise routine to follow.
And her pricing is very reasonable.
I highly recommend Amy.
Yoko Azumaya

Family Lawyer, BARR LLP

Working with Amy has been a complete game changer. The motivation & support Amy gives is incredible. I have personally been through the up’s & downs of my own weightloss journey over the years and before finding Amy I was unsuccessful. Amy has been able to work with my injuries, help rehab them and create challenging workouts to help me get to my goals. The support Amy gives is beyond words. I highly recommend Amy!
Ashley Makokis

Amy is great at pushing me to be my best. She is very aware of my emotions, and knows when to pry and when to hold back. She can tell the difference between laziness, low confidence, and straight up frustration. I have been able to hit PB after PB because of her encouragement. Amy’s strength lies in knowing what a person needs to hear in order to reach their full potential. Even when Covid hit; she asked me about my goals, and has been checking in to make sure I am meeting them. She may not be with me while training, but she still knows when to tell me to suck it up, and do my job, and when to show sympathy and tell me that progress takes time. Amy believes all goals are within reach, and is great at talking to you about a realistic timeline. I’d say I walked into the gym with some lofty goals. I’ve hit and even surpassed some, and I couldn’t be happier.


I love working with Amy! She is always pushing me to do better, but at the level that’s right for me. She provides lots of adaptations and flexibility in her sessions. She’s committed and passionate about what she does, which always makes it fun!


Amy is a wonderful trainer! She’s great at coming up with creative exercises and modifications. After tearing my achilles tendon, I was really nervous to get back into the gym once my rehab was finished. Training with Amy was a great way to transition back into a real workout routine, she was encouraging and patient as I got more comfortable in the gym. I would highly recommend Amy as a trainer if you’re returning from an injury or just nervous about getting back into the gym. Amy is awesome!


Working with Amy led me to hit some of my best numbers ever in the gym! She listened to what I wanted as a client and understood what I needed as an athlete.  Amy was able to adjust the workout as we went based on what was working and what wasn’t and could give me feedback on my form. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone wanting to improve their fitness for sports or for life!


I have had the pleasure of being trained by Amy as part of our off season training for our rugby team! She is organized, accountable, and accommodating especially during these crazy times. I have personally watched her grow her personal training business from the ground up and could not be more proud of her success. She has shown that through hard work and perseverance, you can achieve your goals; and this type of attitude can be directly translated into personal training and wellness- what she stands for. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, whether they are at the beginning of their fitness journey, or looking to further grow.


I came to Amy for help with a niggly back that was limiting my training and day to day activities. She was exceedingly patient and offered a variety of modified exercises! She also kicked my butt in gear- reminding me that we can work hard and improve while also taking care of an injury. If you are looking for a fun trainer who takes time to get to know you and isn’t afraid to say it like it is, Amy is a great choice. Highly recommended!